Friday, June 21, 2024
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Market Report Week of 3/26

This unprecedented level of rainfall has caused serious disruption to Spring crop production. Fields already planted have been affected and those ready for planting are now off-limits until the rain abates enough to allow farmers back in. While there is no immediate consequence regarding current growing regions, further ramifications will be felt when transitioning from Desert areas such as California and Arizona up into Salinas and Santa Maria soon May or June onwards.

Tomato, cucumber, corn and squash harvests are abundant in both South Florida and Mexico; however peppers remain scarce with quality declining as the season progresses. Offshore melons will be limited through late Spring until transitioning to desert regions begins in May. Wet weather has impacted Central California’s Salinas Valley, Watsonville Pajaro Valley Santa Maria San Joaquin valley (Fresno & Bakersfield ) for weeks now — yet another storm is projected early next week likely causing further disruptions on supplies from this agricultural heartland of America.

Stay tuned to The Produce Wire for more in-depth market reports.

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