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Where to Find King Cakes in Houston

Whole king cakes are available at Dessert Gallery. Dessert Gallery

These vibrant, sugar-dusted oval cakes are reemerging in bakery cases all over town, and some restaurants are putting their own spin on the classic dessert

From Three Kings Day on January 6 to carnival season’s conclusion on Fat Tuesday, it’s encouraged to commemorate Mardi Gras by indulging in a sugary, cinnamon-spiced king cake. Said to represent faith, justice, and power, the tradition of devouring the fluffy, green, purple, and gold ring of dough dates back to the 1800s and can have Houstonians itching to get their cake fix by traveling to New Orleans or Galveston where celebrations and parades abound. Luckily, there’s no need to go far.

Many tried and true local bakeries have long offered king cakes throughout the season, while newer contenders put their own distinct twists and refreshing spins on the traditional dessert.

Whether you’re planning to serve a king cake to 20 of your closest friends (don’t fight over the lucky plastic baby!), or you’re craving a slice all to yourself from your neighborhood bakery, here are 11 places offering top-notch choices.


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