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Welcome to the New Eater at Home

Pull up a chair: Eater at Home is dining in, done better

Hello, and welcome to the shiny new 2.0 version of Eater at Home! We’re happy you’re here. But first, let’s back up. What, you may be wondering, is Eater at Home, anyway? And isn’t Eater a restaurant site? Are there any maps in here?

Eater’s origin story begins with restaurants and dining culture, but back in the early days of the pandemic, when most restaurants were closed, we decided to meet our readers where most of them were: at home. Eater at Home launched in April 2020 with the mandate to provide ongoing storytelling about what it means to be cooking, feasting, and celebrating at home. Our approach to cooking takes inspiration from our readers’ favorite restaurants and chefs, and shares the goal of the broader Eater brand, which is to make our readers feel uniquely in the know regarding what’s happening in food today. To be an Eater at Home reader is to feel empowered to make smart — and sometimes fun and unexpected — choices; it’s to be entertained while being informed. And most of all, it’s to celebrate the spirit of restaurant dining and translate that into a lifestyle for those who want to bring the experience of dining out to the act of dining in.

Eater at Home 2.0 will continue to do all of these things, but in expanded fashion, with a mix of new and existing columns and the same well-reported stories that have characterized the site from its beginnings. We’ll put more emphasis on the ins and outs and how-tos and please-don’ts of entertaining, with both our regular content and our ongoing Dinner Party series, which we kicked off last month with our guide to throwing the ultimate fondue party. We’ll give you etiquette advice, answer the questions you didn’t even know you had about kitchen storage, show you how to upgrade your kitchen, tell you which time-consuming cooking techniques and expensive products are actually worth it, and much more.

And who am I, aside from being the editor of Eater at Home? I am, God help me, a career journalist. I’m an Alabamian by birth, a Michigander by upbringing, and a New Yorker by a combination of fate and design. I’ve worked at restaurants, bakeries, and the occasional deli, co-written cookbooks, and peeled an indecent number of potatoes as a culinary school student. I love to bake even more than I love to cook, have a habit of eating condiments straight from the jar, and believe the correct amount of ginger in a recipe is n+1. I hold an extremely informal master’s degree in the life and films of Harrison Ford. My favorite cooking tool is a box of Maldon salt. I believe more people should dance in their kitchens. And I can be reached at

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