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Three tools shippers, carriers cannot afford to miss out on

In recent years, digital freight marketplaces (DFM) have changed the way the logistics industry operates. Not too long ago, shippers had no choice but to rely on traditional methods like phone calls, emails, and spreadsheets to conduct business. Now, shippers and carriers alike can complete an entire freight movement using only their smartphones.

This quick revolution has provided players across the space with opportunities to grow their businesses and multiply their bottom lines, but it has also added chaos and confusion into the mix as companies work to accept and implement new norms.

It is that confusion that often keeps shippers and carriers stuck in their old habits, leaving time, money, and efficiencies on the table in an effort to avoid discomfort.

Echo Global Logistics has held true to the same goal since its inception almost 20 years ago: Make transportation management simpler.

Accomplishing that goal, however, requires a much more tech-savvy approach in 2023 than it did back in 2005. Not only are new ways of operating — like DFMs — here to stay, they are still rapidly evolving to meet the changing needs of today’s supply chain.

Navigating this fast-paced environment can prove difficult for even the most tech-savvy shippers and carriers. That is where third-party partners like Echo — companies that keep innovating as technological possibilities grow — come into play.

It is clear that shippers and carriers of all shapes and sizes can benefit from high-quality third-party expertise. Echo’s client base spans from tens of thousands of small business shippers to Fortune 100 companies. In the same vein, the company’s carrier base is vast, encompassing owner-operators, small and medium-size fleets and large national fleets.

Echo’s tagline — “Technology at your fingertips, experts by your side” — rings true when considering the various tools and programs the company has created to suit its wide array of clients and partners.

The company is well aware that all of its shipper clients and carrier partners have individual needs based on size, business practices and general preferences. The magic of Echo’s technologies is that they can flex to meet each user where they are today — and grow with them tomorrow.

Echo offers a wide range of tools, but its cornerstone offerings — for both shippers and carriers — are explored below.



EchoShip is a self-service shipping platform for less-than-truckload (LTL) and truckload shippers. EchoShip eliminates repetitive workflows and speeds up shipping with an efficient, four-step process, giving shippers time back to focus on their respective businesses.

A recently released feature, EchoInsure+, is an integrated, full-coverage cargo insurance product offered exclusively to Echo clients. Through a partnership with insurance group Falvey, EchoInsure+ is an easy way for clients to access best-in-class protection for their LTL shipments through both EchoShip – Echo’s proprietary online shipping platform — and Echo representatives. This new product makes the claims process smoother than ever for shippers.

Managed Transportation 

Echo’s Managed Transportation solution is designed to improve and simplify logistics by leveraging the Echo team’s experience and capabilities. Clients enjoy a focus on continuous improvement, dedicated account management teams and a commitment to execution.

Echo has recently partnered with an existing TMS to expeditiously bring more sophisticated capabilities — including order management, order optimization, and omnichannel distribution — to market alongside its trusted proprietary managed transportation offering this summer.

Full suite of EDI and API integration capabilities

Echo prides itself on its integrations with third-party TMS, ERP, and shipper platforms. These integrations streamline the communication and data transfer necessary for its clients to operate efficiently and with the highest levels of service.

Echo Integrations allows shippers and carriers to automate data exchange seamlessly, accurately, and quickly by connecting to Echo’s proprietary web-based platform. 

Additionally, the company’s truckload quoting APIs give shippers the ability to instantly receive digital spot quotes powered by advanced machine learning and data science. Echo has facilitated more than one million of these automated TL quotes during the past year.



The EchoDrive web portal and mobile app provide carriers with more flexibility, transparency, and control. With EchoDrive, carrier partners get real-time access to search, bid, book, manage, track, and get paid on freight hauled for Echo.

Echo has been a leading 3PL in offering book-it-now prices and the ability for carriers to make bids on web and mobile platforms. Coming this spring, the company will introduce automated carrier negotiations to the EchoDrive platform. Carriers will have the convenience of seeing immediate responses to their bids, including both automated acceptances and automated counteroffers.

Third-party carrier aggregators

Echo has also integrated with several premier third-party providers to engage with and attract new carriers and capacity to their growing network within the EchoDrive platform.

Full Suite of EDI and API integration capabilities

For the LTL community and larger truckload carriers that want to integrate digitally, Echo is ready with a full suite of EDI and API options to send and receive available loads, digital pricing, automated negotiations, dispatch, tracking, document collection, and invoicing. 

By creating a more convenient data exchange pipeline with its carrier partners, Echo frees companies up to focus on what they do best: Move freight reliably for their customers.Behind all the new and innovative technology is the expertise and trust that shippers and carriers value in their relationship with Echo. “Technology at your fingertips, experts by your side” has proven to be a winning formula for Echo Global Logistics.

Click here to learn more about Echo’s broad suite of solutions for shippers and carriers alike.

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