Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Steak and Ale Planning Massive Comeback

Paul Mangiamele, CEO of Legendary Restaurant Brands, is bringing back Steak & Ale, a popular restaurant chain that went bankrupt in 2008. Mangiamele and his wife purchased the assets from Fortress Investment Group in 2015 and formed Legendary Restaurant Brands. The CEO is determined to pay homage to Steak & Ale, despite the challenges of resurrecting a casual-dining icon. He has a roadmap in mind, with a Facebook page dedicated to the restaurant’s comeback and over 50,000 followers.

Mangiamele and Endeavor Properties, a Kansas-based company with roots in hotels and hospitality, have signed an area development agreement that could bring 15 new locations to several markets across the US. The grand debut for Steak & Ale is projected for summer or fall in Burnsville, Minnesota. Endeavor also holds exclusive rights for expansion in six other states.

The CEO is taking the responsibility of reviving Steak & Ale very seriously and is confident that it will be successful. Mangiamele is working with Roy Arnold, CEO and president of Endeavor Properties, who shares his military background and understanding of the hospitality industry. The two believe that their organizations share the common denominator of going above and beyond the call of duty.

Mangiamele is incorporating a “New-stalgia” concept, which is a blend of nostalgia and innovation, to bring back the famous offerings of Steak & Ale such as the Kensington Club, unlimited salad bar, herb-roasted prime rib, and Hawaiian Chicken. He is confident that everyone will be happy with the restaurant’s offerings and has been working on the concept for 12 years.

In conclusion, Steak & Ale’s return is a testament to the power of nostalgia, brand loyalty, and the impact of a dedicated team determined to bring back a beloved restaurant chain.

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