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New Food and Beverage Product Launches, March 20 – 24

The week’s new products include plenty of indulgent treats and snacks, new yogurt pops and yogurt alternatives, and the world’s first Triple Wave Filtered vodka. 

The Hershey Company: KISSES Milklicious

Photo: The Hershey Company

The Hershey Company is releasing its new Hershey’s KISSES Milklicious candies this month, which feature a rich, creamy chocolate milk filling.

The new KISSES are part of Hershey’s permanent portfolio and will be available year-round. Each treat is wrapped in light blue foil decorated with glasses of milk. 

Milklicious candies will be available nationwide in 9-oz. share bags starting this month.

DOVE Chocolate: Milk Chocolate Molten Lava Caramel PROMISES

Photo: DOVE Chocolate

DOVE Chocolate, a brand of Mars, announced the launch of its DOVE Milk Chocolate Molten Lava Caramel PROMISES. Each chocolate has a Molten Lava flavored caramel center, inspired by Molten Lava cake. 

The new treat is available at retailers nationwide in 7.61-oz. stand-up pouches.

McKee Foods Corp.: Strawberry Swiss Rolls

Photo: McKee Foods Corp.

Marking its first year-round Swiss Rolls flavor since the original product launched in 1967, McKee Foods Corp. is adding Strawberry Swiss Rolls to its Little Debbie portfolio.

The snack cakes are made with strawberry-flavored crème with a fudge coating, rolled up in the traditional Swiss Roll chocolate cake. Strawberry Swiss Rolls come in new packaging containing 12 twin-wrapped rolls for the suggested price of $2.59.

Halo Top: Frozen Yogurt Pops

Photo: Halo Top

Halo Top is introducing its new Frozen Yogurt Pops, made with Icelandic Skyr-style yogurt, real fruit, and granola for the perfect on-the-go treat. 

The Yogurt Pops contain just 110 calories per pop and 4 grams of protein. They’re available in Triple Berry and Strawberry flavors for the suggested price of $5.49 per 4-pop box. 

So Delicious Dairy Free: No Added Sugar Yogurt Alternative

Photo: So Delicious Dairy Free

So Delicious Dairy Free announced the launch of its new 0g Added Sugar Coconutmilk Yogurt Alternative in four flavors — Coconut, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Blueberry.

The dairy-free, plant-based yogurt alternatives contain no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. They’re also certified vegan and Non-GMO Project verified. 

All varieties are available at select retailers for the suggested price of $2.19 per container. 

Takis: Intense Nacho Line

Photo: Takis

In partnership with Steve Aoki, Takis is releasing an Intense Nacho line, its first non-spicy salty snack, available in Pop!, Rolled Chips, and Waves varieties.  

Intense Nacho offers an extremely cheesy flavor, minus the brand’s usual heat. Varieties are available in multiple sizes, ranging from 2.5 oz. to 9.9 oz., with suggested prices ranging from  $2.19 to $4.49. 

Ritz Crackers: Everything Toasted Chips

Photo: Ritz Crackers

Ritz Crackers, a brand of Mondelez International, Inc., announced the launch of its new Everything Toasted Chips, coinciding with the brand’s official sponsorship with this year’s NCAA March Madness tournament.

The new crackers are made with baked poppy seeds and seasoned with onion, garlic, and sea salt. They’re available nationwide for the suggested price of $3.95.

White Claw: Triple Wave Filtered Vodka Products

Photo: White Claw

Hard seltzer maker White Claw is expanding into vodka with the launch of several vodka products: 

White Claw Premium Vodka (40% Alc/Vol) is the world’s first Triple Wave Filtered vodka, a filtration process that uses a pressure equal to three 30-foot waves. The result is a vodka with distinctive taste, aroma, and smoothness. It’s available in 1L, 750ml, and 50ml bottles.

White Claw Flavored Vodka (30% Alc/Vol) in Mango, Black Cherry, and Pineapple flavors is also available in 1L, 750ml, and 50ml bottles.

White Claw Vodka + Soda (4.5% Alc/Vol) is a ready-to-drink, 100-calorie canned cocktail made with Triple Wave Filtered White Claw Premium Vodka. It’s available in Pineapple, Peach, Wild Cherry, and Watermelon flavors. The 12-oz. slim cans come in single flavor 4-packs and variety 8-packs.

The new vodka beverages will be available in select markets across North America.

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