Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Most Manufacturing Workers Would Accept Less Pay for a More Tech-Driven Workplace: Epicor

Manufacturing workers are aware of technology’s increasingly important role in their industry, with more than half willing to accept a pay cut to work in a more tech-driven factory, according to Epicor’s second annual “Voice of the Essential Manufacturing Worker” report

The report, based on a survey of 600 U.S.-based manufacturing workers, also found that the majority of workers (83%) who’ve used new tools or technologies said it boosted their efficiency. And the percentage who believe their jobs will be replaced by automation has dropped from 64% last year to 52% this year.  

However, manufacturing companies are slightly less eager to embrace technology this year (48% are eager, down from 50% last year), and only 39% of surveyed workers report that their workplace is “very modern.” Nearly 18% say their workplace is “not very modern at all.” And though seven in 10 companies are making upskilling their employees a priority, this percentage is down 10% from last year.

Morale among manufacturing workers is trending down, too — only 45% of manufacturing employees report high workforce morale this year, a drop from 52% last year. In search of more paid time off, flexible schedules, and attentive employers, 43% of respondents are thinking about leaving their jobs within the next year. More than half of surveyed workers (55%) would also like to see more sustainable working conditions, but just 45% say their companies have made this a priority. 

See the full report for more insights into the priorities and expectations of frontline manufacturing employees. 

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